Beavers (Castor fiber) used to live along all the great rivers in Europe.


Because of a massive destruction and the modification of their habitat, beavers had almost disappeared from France, excepting a small population in the low Rhone valley. Nowadays, thanks to protection and reintroduction, the species thrives and has resettled on its former places.

The FRAPNA Loire has worked on the reintroduction of beavers in the plaine of the Forez. In 1994, 13 beavers from nearby areas were released at the Ecopôle du Forez and have since, resettled along the Loire ans its tributaries. The team of scientits of the FRAPNA Loire and the Ecopôle du Forez makes regular surveys about the evolution of their population.

This animal, mainly active at dusk and at night, leaves traces of its presence : the easiest to recognise are bevelled trees along pathways.






In the Nef, you will see a life-size beaver and discover a lot of information about his way of life.